Most Confusing Thing On Planet Earth (Mbps or MBps).

  • Mbps means megabits per second. Mb is used in reference to download and upload speeds.
    • It takes 8 bits of data to equal 1 byte.
  • MBps stands for megabytes per second. MB is used in reference to file size, or the amount of data transferred.

Chart below Explain estimated time that will take for particular File Size on given Speeds (Standard all around world)

File typeEstimated file size3 Mbps6 Mbps10 Mbps18 Mbps25 Mbps35 Mbps50 Mbps
Webpage1 MB3 s1 s< 1 s< 1 s< 1 s< 1 s< 1 s
E-book3 MB8 s4 s2.5 s1.5 s1 s< 1 s< 1 s
mp3 song5 MB13 s7 s4 s2 s1.5 s1 s< 1 s
5 minute video20 MB53 s27 s16 s9 s6.5 s5 s3 s
1 hr TV show1 GB44 m22 m14 m7.5 m5 m4.5 m2.5 m
SD movie2 GB88 m44 m27 m15 m11 m9 m5 m
1080p movie12 GB9 h4.5 h2.5 h1.5 h1 h46 m32 m

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